I live in a treehouse near Sydney with Mr Hen, Little D and two silly dogs, plus an assortment of native wildlife who regularly drop by.
I love making things-sewn, cooked, grown-and am always on the lookout for more interesting ways to make and do…stuff.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello Little Red Hen!

    You’ve been holding out on me all these months, and just discovered you via the adorable Megs Blog. I’ve got you tabbed, so can tune in daily, for some hints on food, inspiring design, sewing tips and care of young ones. Noticed you have Cookie Mag listed in your blogroll: Art’s best friend Kiera Coffee works for them in NY. There’s an article on her apartment in Park Slope, where we’ve spent much time:

    I made Keira a small chandelier for her dining room (which doesn’t appear in any photos), one Christmas morning, before we headed out for a movie and chinese food.
    Hope all’s well with you.
    Much love.

    • Hello! I would never hold out on you, just felt a bit dorky to send out emails saying-‘hey, read my self-indulgent writing!’. I’m emailing you mister…

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