Oh. Hai.

Hi blog. Long time no see. How’ve you been?

Me? Well, things have been busy here. And to be honest, I just haven’t felt the urge to write about it.

I think this beetle is quite beautiful. Unless it eats my tomatoes. In which case it's a gonner!

Well that’s not strictly true. While I’ve been out in the garden, planting or watering, I have often thought to myself  “y’know-I should do a post about the goings on in these parts some time soon”. But to be honest-when it comes to night time, and Little D is snuggled up in bed (yes! She still sleeps. Mostly…) I am usually a bit too tuckered out to do much but hop off to Bedfordshire myself.

Since my last post we’ve had birthdays (mine and, more excitingly, Little D’s very first!), boiling hot November weather (several days over 40 degrees C),  trips to Adelaide, visitors from Queensland and some time being sickos-the latter has finally finished, I’m happy to report.

Little D's cake! Courtesy of her Auntie Pen.

Two terraces of the new hillside garden are finished and planted up, and have not yet fallen victim to the voracious Mumma Chubbs (the possum) and her equally hungry baby. I’ve planted a few olive trees on our newly uncovered side border and made a new garden up the top of the slope where some beans and rocket and ruby chard among other things are doing very nicely.

Flowers mean fruit! In this case-pumpkins (?)

I’ve even hopped back into my sewing chair with mixed results! Actually the results have been kind of terrible to be honest, as I am still trying to get used to the fit changes when sewing for my post baby body. Even though it’s actually a bit smaller than it was before, but everything is not quite where it used to be, so my old favourite patterns need to be altered and tweaked. Which I am yet to do. I know, I know-SLACKER!. Gimme a break, orright? One thing at a time 🙂 Anywho, I started a birthday sundress, 50s style, from some lovely polished stretch cotton sateen-ey fabric that had been in the stash for a while. But the sewing machine had other ideas, and after much unpicking, I nixed the birthday plan and put it aside, only to get it out again yesterday. And resume the unpicking! But I should have it done in a couple of days, ready to wear it for Christmas. And just by saying that here, I’ve publicly given myself a deadline, so now I have to do it!

Baby eggplants. I think they are rather cute.

What have YOU been up to?

~ by Little Red Hen on December 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Oh. Hai.”

  1. oh, hai! welcome back.

    me has not been up to much. today: freaking out over the grown-ness of your bebe. for example.

    but holidays beckon. work, i spurn thee!

    good luck with the dress. tell that machine to lift its durn game, already.

  2. and ps. awesome cake.

  3. I love your vertical potato garden! I’m growing my first crop of potatoes this year (but the old horizontal way). I bet your potatoes are ‘cleaner’ when you harvest them too …

  4. oh Hai yourself, K.L, glad to hear you been in the sewing chair. the dress sounds gorgeous— you’ll have to post a pic! i haven’t sewn myself anything in ages, but i have been shedding, throwing down some of the gold and it has truly been invigorating. you know those projects that seem to drag on forever that just serve to taunt you? yeah those… i’ve ditched a few lately and by lightening the load, i’ve been able to let go in other ways, like getting rid of fave club chairs (found them a new home) and moving out of my sleepout studio to make way for the boys new bedroom (TR2 and Y in the old room, now far more girly 🙂 i’m rearranging the whole house to absorb my kept creative stuff/stash and it feels good, like breathing out. next time i write a response to your blog, i hope to have started sewing again 🙂 ciao for now, Marce xx

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