Never fear…


No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Our friend with the laptop is Skelly.  He offered to write a blog post for me over these last few busy weeks, but I don’t know-his writing is lacking something. It seems kind of…lifeless? Boom boom. Sorry.

There hasn’t been much (any?) time for blogging of late. But finally over the last two weeks that is because there has been some BABY SLEEP happening. This also means parental sleep (woohoo!) and-finally-some time and more importantly energy to do some projects. I have been taking the opportunity to finally get back outside and into the garden, which has been fantastic. Exercise, fresh air, and that lovely feeling of watching and helping things to grow.

I’m desperate to get some food plants happening at the tree house, which is easier said than done with all of the shade that we have in these parts. There is only one section of our lovely, bush-filled block that gets any regular sun during the day. It is a very steep slope and, up until recently, was very inaccessible. As I mentioned a little while ago, my dad and I have been working to try to whip this area into shape.

So how’s it going? Well, it is an enjoyable project, if a little slow going-one of those things where you go to complete one step, only to discover that another, bigger job will have to happen before you can do the first one, and so on. But hey, that keeps things exciting, right?!

Here are some most excellent new stairs that went in over the last few weeks:

006 003 008

While my dad-the builder and primarily installer of the excellent stairs-was busy putting in the first stairs down the bottom of the hill, I was momentarily distracted by another little project. Namely the beautification (or at the very least, the de-uglifying) of our driveway.

We share a drive with our neighbours, and there seems to be an unspoken agreement that we each take care of one side of the drive. Ours was looking pretty crap to be honest, as it was a small strip of lawn and weeds, for which we had no taming device. Our lawnmower died in the great flood at our last house on the day that our offer to buy the treehouse was accepted (yes really!) and as there is no lawn whatsoever at the treehouse, we had no need to replace it. With the annoying exception of the aforementioned tiny strip of  jungle on the drive. So after 2 1/2 years, I finally decided it was time to say adios. Funnily enough, our neighbours had decided much the same thing on pretty much the same day, so we had some companionable time gardening during baby naps over a couple of days. Mum power!

The 'before' shot-well, it's the end that belongs to our neighbours in front and won't be getting a makeover.

The 'before' shot-well, it's the end that belongs to our neighbours in front and won't be getting a makeover.


The 'after' shot-check out all of those rocks that I hauled!

I decided on a no-dig approach, so covered the grass and weeds with cardboard and newspaper that had been soaked in water. I also ended up using a swag of unwanted life-drawings from art school (!) which seemed a good use of the paper. Although the neighbours may get a bit of a surprise if there is a heavy downpour that washes my mulch cover down the hill, exposing…well, quite a lot, actually. Oh well, what’s a few charcoal renderings of boobs and bums between good neighbours, eh? Anyway-I needed to choose hardy plants that will be fine without much attention. So it is a simple planting of lots of Chinese/Star Jasmine plants and then stacks of mulch to cut down on weed comeback and water loss. But I think it looks pretty good-and I am especially proud of the border of sandstone rocks carted out through the bush from under the house ALL BY MYSELF, during the course of one and a half baby naps.


It feels so good to get back outside!

~ by Little Red Hen on October 1, 2009.

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