At last

Here they are, back from their little stint at the sewing machine hospital.



Oh, Sewing machine and Overlocker, how I have missed you! It has been a long two and a half weeks. Note the hospital arm-bracelet-style REPAIR tags attached to them. Lets hope that is actually what has been done. I’ll hopefully have a chance to thread ’em up and check ’em out this long weekend. Woot!

And you know what this means? The orange leather bag is just around the corner, along with a raft of other projects that I have been itching to get done.

Stay tooned…


~ by Little Red Hen on June 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “At last”

  1. What a darling little case too! Can’t WAIT to see your bag! I’m itching to make a new handbag, but not sure of the colour/fabric combo just yet.


    • Yeah, that old Elna has a fantastic case-so strong you can sit on it. I got it second hand years ago for about $45. Funny how the expensive newer overlocker came with a plastic bag type thing for a cover, and nothing else! I got back to the bag this arvo-I am getting excited about finishing it too!

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