I wanna live with a cinnamon girl

Sorry-must stop with the cheesy song related blog post titles*. But you can be a cinnamon girl. Or boy. Make some cinnamon rolls, baby!


I have been reading The Pioneer Woman’s site-she is quite the triple threat-cooking, gardening, photography, mothering 4 kids, homeschooling said kids, living on a remote ranch, renovating a lodge for farmstays…she is quite a busy lady. And more like a septuple threat when you think about it. Anyway, I mainly read PWs cooking section, and saw her recipe for cinnamon rolls mentioned several times recently, so thought I’d give them a try.

Last Saturday my lovely friend came over for afternoon tea, and this seemed the perfect time to try the recipe out. I decided to make a double batch as we were off on a Mothers Day picnic on Sunday and needed something sweet for that. On top of that I wanted to freeze a couple of serves, since I always need to have some morning-tea-type things on hand for time spent hanging with my mum friends. And having morning tea ready made for those days is awesome, as it is all I can do to get out the door on time in the mornings!

Well. I must say that a double batch was a lot more than I expected-it was bubbling over the top of my giant mixing bowl after it had risen. Now this is a seriously large mixing bowl we’re talking about, so you can imagine just how much dough there was. Oh well, I rarely do things by halves, so I pressed on unperturbed but a little behind schedule. Thanks for your patience MC. And for the lovely scones to fortify us while we were waiting on the rolls.

The only problem you might have with this recipe is if you are not in the United States, as PW mentions a couple of recipe items where exact quantities are unclear. ‘Packages’ of yeast (I took a punt and decided that one package would be like the commonly available sachets of dried yeast that we have here in Australia. These are 7 grams each. My gamble seemed to work.) Also the ‘bag’ of powdered (icing/confectioners) sugar-um, a bag…how long is a piece of string? I used a 500gram bag and it seemed fine-but that was for a double quantity of dough. Then again, I didn’t put nearly as much icing on my rolls as PW did. And we still found them yummy but very, very sweet, so I was glad I didn’t put more on. I also wasn’t sure about maple flavouring, but I didn’t have any and am not big on artificial flavourings, so I just used real maple syrup, and it was fine, but I think you need to adjust the amount for taste. Oh-and I didn’t bake them in the aluminium pans PW mentioned because I didn’t have any, and I don’t usually buy stuff like that. In any case they were still delicious.

Lastly, I varied the ingredients for the roll-up part of the recipe for some of the pans of rolls I made. I added currants to one of the batches, along with the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. I also added chopped walnuts to another. Yummo.

So, there you have it-I think this recipe is great. And while it is nowhere near as time consuming as the bagels I made, like most leavened bread recipes you need to make sure you give yourself enough time from when you start until the time that you will faint from hunger/longing/your afternoon sugar crash for them to be ready. You have been warned!

*In case you’re wondering, my mental soundtrack to this is the song by Neil Young, not the one by Prince. You never know, they might taste different if you imagined the wrong one.


~ by Little Red Hen on May 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “I wanna live with a cinnamon girl”

  1. Is it wrong to jut leave comments on blogs like…yuuuuuuummm!

  2. patience, schmatience – they were well worth the wait, and were still great the next day too.

  3. I am making those…and will be pleased for your translations (a packet of icing sugar really sounds like a lot!)

    • Great! You’ll be glad you made them. As I mentioned, the sugar levels are a little out of control-I ended up reducing the amount of brown sugar inside the rolls in another batch too. I thought that was better. Even then, and with less icing on top, they were a little tooth-achey. 🙂

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