All it takes…

…is a little bit of sunshine, some exercise and fresh air, the chance to do some sewing, and then reading about some peeps doing fun, interesting things about the place while you eat your lunch.

Have you heard of Guerrilla Knitting? In the past I have read a few sites detailing events in places like London where groups of people stage Knit-Ins (in this case, large groups agreeing to meet on a particular train and carriage at a certain time to…knit) or group projects like the Knitted Wedding. But lately the thing that has caught my eye is Guerrilla Knitting and among other places, people are doing it here in Sydney Town! Grrl + Dog and Veronica Darling have been dressing up things like sign posts in their ‘hoods, and I think it is a really neat idea.

Whenever I see something like this out and about it never fails to make me smile. I like imagining the thought process behind the planning of an anonymous arty inclusion to your suburb: Where will I put it? Will anybody see? What will people think? How long will it last? Will it inspire anyone else to do the same? For me, the best projects are just little things- it doesn’t have to be something flashy or arresting. Sign-post warmers. Little  installations of found objects. Or these funny notices. And when you notice them as you are hurrying past on the way to wherever you are, they makes you stop for a minute and feel lucky that you looked up just then. Kind of feels like you are getting a little reward for taking the time to look around.

Maybe the burbs around the treehouse could do with a little guerrilla loveliness?

Candidate for a cosy?

Candidate for a cosy?

I did think momentarily of making a temporary cosy for this tree next to our front door (that’s the treehouse veranda up there). But possums in your knitting is a real drag. And not just for the possums.


~ by Little Red Hen on May 13, 2009.

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