Well geez, it’s about time

I have finally gotten myself into action to take some pictures of the wedding outfits that I posted about oh so long ago. So I am happy to finally present you with a sewing update.

You might remember that back in March I was having some stretch sewing dramas, trying to make a top for Little D to wear to the two weddings we went to in April. I bought a walking foot for my sewing machine to try to end the issues I kept having with the neckline getting all stretched out as I sewed. And despite the alarming clunking sound it makes when I sew with it (I checked, and yes, it is put on correctly) I pronounce the walking foot a success! Based on my triumph here, I am happy to report that I have some more stretch sewing projects in the pipeline.

grey soft rib cotton envelope-neck baby top

grey soft rib cotton envelope-neck baby top

I made this top for the baby to wear under a purple corduroy pinnafore that I made using an old pattern I was given a while ago. I am pretty happy with the way that turned out too-and I am glad I decided to use big, big covered fabric buttons to liven it up. One: because I love a giant button and think they look ace and two: unless she is part python and can unhinge her jaw, there will be no swallowing of/choking on these puppies for Little D!

the ensemble-please visualise with grey polka dot stockings (aqua and pink spots)

the ensemble-please visualise with grey polka dot stockings (aqua and pink spots). will probably also help to visualise a baby inside it. really changes the look, y'know?

I am pleased to report that I did not go to the weddings in my birthday suit, and was able to make up a new skirt for myself too. I also posted about the beginning of this skirt when I bought the fabric from a shop called No Chintz. I strayed from my usual uniform of black and bought a lovely green cotton, with some tres pricey but quite lovely silk ribbon to liven it up and make it a bit more formal. I didn’t have a lot of choice of styles to make up, as I was pretty limited by my budget, so knew that I would be making a straight, pencil-style skirt. The jacket I planned to wear it with (next post) was also pretty complicated in style, so I needed something very simple  for my bottom half to avoid looking flouncy and like I should have a toilet roll under my skirt. (What the heck, you say? Remember these? If not, you haven’t lived. My great-aunt churned these out like her life depended on it.)

Of course in my tight-fisted purchasing of this fabric, I kind of underestimated exactly how much I would need, as is my wont when buying fabric over, say, $20/metre. Which this definitely was. Ba-bow. My quick-save actually turned out rather well, I think-it might have been a bit boring otherwise. Can you tell what I had to do? Hint: I was very thankful for the ribbon and pleats to hide some unexpected seams.

front view-apologies for crap pics. more on jacket later...

front view-apologies for crap pics. more on jacket later...

the ribbon was quite pricey, but worth it I think. looks better in real life, obviously.

the ribbon was quite pricey, but worth it I think. looks better in real life, obviously.

side view of the quick-save.

side view of the quick-save. the ribbon going straight down is reflecting strangely-it is the same as the band going around.

I didn’t end up wearing the jacket you can see in the pics as I planned-even though I took a colour swatch of the fabric when I bought the cloth for the skirt, it seemed all wrong in practice. The brown was too cool for the green. And the jacket too fussy for the skirt. The colours look better together in real life than they do in these over-exposed pictures (because I can hear you thinking “well, duh, those colours look bloody horrible together and that is pretty obvious-what were you thinking, Lil’ Red? Huh? Huh?”) but they still weren’t right for each other. I ended up wearing a fine wool wrap cardi in chocolate brown, and my crazy watermelon pink vintage overcoat over the top. And lots of brown glass pearls, which I liked with the shiny ribbon. And faux-ostrich leather shoes. And forties hair. Sounds mad, but I liked it. And I was able to feed Little D without flashing too much of myself, which is always good at a wedding…

Phew! April was a busy month, as the weddings were both some distance from the treehouse. The next couple of months are wedding free, so it will be time to move on to some other sewing projects when time and Little D allow.

Hang on a minute- a big shiny gold envelope just arrived in the mail…

~ by Little Red Hen on May 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Well geez, it’s about time”

  1. I got all excited thinking you’d had a chance to do some sewing today but am dissapointed to see it’s not … Perhaps Mothers Day will result in some new projects…

    • Dude, I love sewing but I hope we will be out having fun in the sun on my first Mothers Day!

  2. your skirt looks fab – very zesty and zingy in colour and the ribbon is a nice details.

    • Thankyou-they had great ribbons. Although I nearly had a heart attack at the price!

  3. I love you skirt, and DD’s outfit!

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