Receiving goods that I have ordered online is quite exciting. Because there is usually a lag of several days (sometimes weeks-not mentioning any names, but think of a rainforest in Brazil…) and because I am often a bit distracted, I get a lovely feeling of surprise when I open the letterbox and see a parcel addressed to me, even if I was half expecting it. Even more surprising is when you receive an order that you thought had been cancelled weeks and weeks before…

Yesterday I found a neat little box addressed to me from Diggers, the best place I know of to get heirloom fruit and vegetable plants and seeds (and non-edibles) in Australia. They are based in Victoria, so for most of us, Diggers is a mail or web order service.  I must say that while I like this company, their website is pretty awful to use-quite clunky, but after some browsing (their paper catalogues are better, you can order these) I ordered 2 varieties of garlic and a few other things. A few days later I received an email saying that there had been a problem processing my order and that I had to log in and confirm that I still wanted it processed. By this time we had a big and unexpected bill and I decided maybe I would wait until I had my new veggie bed ready next season (this will be a massive project involving a lot of privet removal…another story) so I decided to let the order cancel. And forgot about it. Until the box arrived yesterday with the garlic, shallots and a couple of packets of seeds-dill, chervil, coriander and fennel. Surprise! I am actually happy that the order went through after all. Although I AM somewhat puzzled by the letter included with the order, saying that one of the varieties of garlic I ordered is out of stock, and yet they have still charged me the full amount but put a credit for the garlic ‘on my file’. Wha? My file? I’m not a regular orderer. Hmm. Couldn’t you just put the money back on my card? Weird. But I am sure I will find something else to get (custard apples!), and they were apologetic about the garlic, so no matter.

And now I have to figure out a pot and a spot for them. My own homegrown, organic garlic-exciting!


~ by Little Red Hen on May 5, 2009.

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