Hello, Easter

Well, it’s Easter again, and this time around our little family has increased by 50%  if you don’t count the dogs. Which if I don’t, will cause them sit on their bed looking solemn. Oh look-they already are. 50% it is.

In between mainlining honey and lemon, and taking whatever paracetamol I could find around the house * we managed to take a little drive down to the rural area near our place yesterday afternoon, while the sun was shining and I was out of bed. We had hoped to take the dogs for a walk in Fagan park, which is a lovely place that used to be a farm before it was donated to be used as a public park some years ago. Unfortunately many others had the same idea, so we ditched that plan and went for a walk down one of the many quiet side roads in those parts.

Whilst I LOVE living in our tree house, I do lament the lack of sun to grow veggies and room to house my long-wished-for-but-maybe-one-day goats. To that end I harbour a not-so-secret desire to live on a block in a place such as this, so I was quite content to struggle with the pram over the uneven ground and check out the orchards and paddocks along the way, while Mr Hen and the dawgs sniffed around and rolled in the grass. Well, Mr Hen not so much, but he was with the other two while they had fun freaking out at the sight of horses, who were in turn totally mesmerised by the sight of me pushing Little D in the pram.

After our promenade we cruised past the fruit and veggie carts that we regularly frequent, but on Good Friday the pickings were a bit slim. What I did find was a stall with bags of late season Roma tomatoes for $1 and big bunches of basil for 50 cents!! Righto, $6.50 later and I had 4.5 kilos of tomatoes and 3 bunches of basil and we were off home so I could collapse back into bed.

That's a lot of tomatoes!

That's a lot of tomatoes!

Tonight I felt a bit better so decided I had better deal with my produce haul before it passed its’ prime. While homemade tomato sauce or some spicy chutney were both appealing, in these days of limited sleep I figured some easy dinners were probably going to be a better idea. So I decided on a simple Italian tomato sauce that we could use as a base for pasta sauce or soup or could use to liven up casseroles and the like.


I didn’t bother with a recipe, just blanched the tomatoes to get the skins off, and popped them in the pan with a whole (but small-ish) head of garlic that had been crushed into some olive oil. I didn’t even chop the tomatoes, just took the green ends off while I was peeling them and let them break up while they were cooking. A bit of Maldon salt, plenty of pepper ground coarsely with the mortar and pestle, a tiny bit of sugar and then a couple of hours to simmer down until the sauce was thick and concentrated. I added a handful of the basil, torn up (the rest will go into pesto tomorrow) and ladled the sauce into ice-cube trays to freeze so we can easily defrost the exact amount that we want later on. I had to rely on Mr Hen to taste test as my taste buds are holidaying with my unblocked nose in sunnier climes. But I am told it tasted good and that the kitchen smelled nice, so now we have little cubes of summer in the freezer to use at our leisure.

rustically chunky and yummo-looking, no?

rustically chunky and yummo-looking, no?

And in case you are thinking ‘hmm, this blog seems to be mostly cooking lately, where’s the the other stuff like sewing, dude?’ I can say that while I had a little break after the wedding outfits were done-and I am yet to post the finished pics of mine and Little D’s-I have just today signed up as a member on Burdastyle to get my mitts on a few patterns I like the look of over there and to check out some of their sewing tips.  I also had an excursion to my favourite leatherworking supplies shop last week to get a few bits and pieces for my new uber-bag currently in the works, so I can promise there will be more sewing to post about ‘toot-sweet’. First on my agenda, however, is the regaining of good health and the consumption of shitty chocolate eggs. Hurrah! Joyeaux Pacques to those who are into it…

*I seem to have adopted a crappy tradition of illness over the last 4 Easters. At least this time it isn’t the start of 8 months of morning sickness, but it is kind of irritating nonetheless. Sorry-whinger! 🙂


~ by Little Red Hen on April 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hello, Easter”

  1. oooh, I made chilli tomato mussels today, but mostly canned, the tomatoes that is, with some real ones thrown in for effect!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Oh-yum! I love mussels. Mr Hen is not so nuts for them so I don’t often get them-we will have to join forces and have a mollusc party…I’ll bring the tomato sauce! hehe

  2. very disappointed to hear that Mr Hen did not much partake of the sniffing and rolling around in the grass. geez, since you guys became parents you’ve just become so dang serious!

  3. Well, geez-maybe he wasn’t sniffing and rolling but he DID go crazy barking at some farm dogs through a fence 😉

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