Handmade goodness, sister-style

My sister is a crafty lady with an envy-inducing creative streak and an incredible eye for detail. The place where she works has a children’s section with a themed display that regularly changes, requiring suitable props to be included. Most recently they needed a gang of ducks that could stand up to some hard lovin’ by the kids in attendance, and my sister has been the provider of said ornithological specimens. To wit:


p1000942 p1000945

p1000948I find the middle duck in the centre pic with the wing in mid-flap especially pleasing. I will have to ask if this necessitated wire, tears, the sweating of blood etc

Nice work, P! I have already asked her if she still has the pattern, and if so (and if the sight of a fabric duck doesn’t now make her recoil) whether we might request one for Little D. We’ll see.

**P also does a nice line in crocheted cats… Maybe we could have a  Mad-Max-type Thunderdome between the crocheted tortoise from the weekend (see second last post) and a crocheted cat. Interesting. Who would win? My money is on the feline with the herd of ducks to get his back. That tortoise’s face is just too friendly, and the eyelids too heavy to put up much resistance.


~ by Little Red Hen on April 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Handmade goodness, sister-style”

  1. Thankfully, neither wire nor tears were necessary to achieve posable wings – in the end I think it was the batting. I did buy some pipe cleaners to have on hand in case of floppy wings (apparently no-one cleans pipes anymore, though, as they have been re-badged as ‘chenille sticks’. puzzling).

    The ducks were installed about a week ago, and I hear they are being loved, but are also encountering some gravity issues (ie. they are spending much of their time in the pond swimming laterally). They do have some ballast, but clearly not enough. So before the small visitors start to believe that most ducks swim sideways, I will embark on a project to borrow one each night and stitch on some cording around the base, to help stabilise the base. Perhaps D would prefer to wait until these critical prototyping issues have been fully resolved?!

    ** re the crochet thunderdome – I can’t see the facial expression of the tortoise to ascertain its battle-readiness, but let’s not forget that the crochet cat is terminally asleep, and the gravity-challenged duck army, while numerous, is also entirely eyeless.

  2. And what, pray tell, does one use for duck ballast? 😉

  3. Why, pouches filled with crushed gravel, of course! What else? (Actually that choice was due to a lack of reasonably-sized sacks of sand at Bunning’s – apparently if you are in the market for sand you must either want an Olympic-sized sandpit or nothing at all).

    In related news, the upholstery fabric the ducks were made of left a lot of fluff around the place, including in the body of the sewing machine. So I just disassembled and cleaned+oiled and tightened loose screws etc (and reassembled) my machine – no more eight-week wait while it lingers, amongst ailing compatriots, on the floor of a small and depressing service centre in an industrial park somewhere! Well, not until something more serious than fluff happens, anyway.

    • Gravel, but of course! And how child friendly…
      And quite right about the sewing machine servicing. Why the heck does it take so long? Why? Why? Fluff will hopefully be the worst thing your machine comes up against. Unless it suffers the same fate as my machine. That being the old dog-trying-to-jump-out-of-the-(screened)window-and-falling-back-onto-the-sewing-table-knocking-machine-to-the-floor treatment. In which case it will need 8 weeks or more at an industrial estate to recuperate. Or stay broken as the case may be. Humph.

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