We are just back from the most lovely wedding in country Victoria over the weekend…Chilly weather but beautiful countryside, a heartfelt ceremony and a fun reception. We stayed in a town called Maffra and went to the wedding in a little place called Boisdale nearby. This is dairy farming country and both towns were fortunately left alone by the awful bushfires in February.

the view

the view

Our trip there on Friday was quite an ordeal, with the take-off from Sydney delayed, then circling over Melbourne for 40 minutes to avoid a big electrical storm, a turbulent landing (the airsick bag was close-by! Sorry, T.M.I) and then an hour and 20 minutes sitting in the plane after landing because the electrical storm was so severe it was not safe to disembark. We finally got the hire car and set off 3 hours late, only to hit crazy Friday afternoon traffic! 6.5 hours later, we finished the drive that should have taken 3, with a CRANKY baby who had been on the go for 13 hours. Hmm. Off to bed and ready for a fresh start the next morning…

As a quick aside, while we were walking to get the hire car I dropped something outside the terminal in Melbourne and turned to pick it up-and who should I see but my old friend from art school who now lives at the south coast and who I haven’t seen in at least 2.5 years! Small world-love it.

Anywho, we woke up to a lovely crisp and sunny morning and went for a walk and brekky in the town. A quick scout through the local op-shop yielded a cute t-shirt and a handmade dress for Little D for $2.50 all up. Score! After that it was off to the community hall-where the reception was to be held-to catch up with the bride and groom and lend a hand with the decorating. The clouds started rolling in just after midday but the threatening weather held off and we watched a piper lead our friend and her father into a tree-lined paddock for the ceremony, where the groom, his brother and son waited, looking sharp in their kilts and sporrans.

ahhh, I love the country

ahhh, I love the country

The bride and groom are both chefs and come from families with a serious appreciation for good food and wine, so of course the dinner was fabulous-a Moroccan spread complete with tagines of gorgeous lamb and fish brought to our table, lots of French champagne and wonderful wine (although this lady with the suckling infant had to hear about the last two from reputable sources.)

The morning after the wedding we were up quite early thanks to the end of daylight saving, so we walked up the main street of Maffra to check out the farmers market being held there. One of the crunchiest golden delicious apple I have ever tasted, a veggie pastie and a couple of (decaf-see above) coffees later, we had purchased a couple of locally made items and headed back to hang out with the families of the bride and groom and enjoy a barbie for the rest of the afternoon.

And now we are back, very very tired but glad that we made the trip. Mazal Tov to the new Mr and Mrs!

some Maffra markets handmade goodness-she even has crocheted eyelids

some Maffra markets handmade goodness-she even has crocheted eyelids



a hand-knitted beanie for Little D

a hand-knitted beanie for Little D

~ by Little Red Hen on April 7, 2009.

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