There has been a lot of awake-time in our house this morning, to the detriment of our normally low levels of yelling and crying. And if you think that’s bad, you should hear the baby! (boom-tish)

So while I have a bit of quiet, there is no way I am going to risk waking my little friend up to venture out in the pouring rain for a trip to the shops or even downstairs to the freezer (way, way, WAY downstairs at our house-64 of them, to be precise) to forage for something for lunch. Or breakfast actually. But hey, it is only half past one and I HAVE had a shower this morning, so I think in the circumstances I am not doing too badly.

I will resist the underwhelming urge to eat desperation items from the pantry (tinned corn kernels? condensed milk? anyone? anyone?) and instead and have a virtual lunch by visiting some nice food blogs…This could be tantamount to torture under the circumstances though.

First up I Am Obsessed with Food by the fabulous Reemski, who has an ear to the ground for great eats in Sydney and a talent for spotting beautiful, seasonal produce around the place and then doing delicious things with it.

Next to Eatpress, with a lovely lady I met at art school, who now resides far, far away in the land of the maple leaf. Great recipes and nods to seasonal produce here too, with both hemispheres covered!

And for dessert and a laugh, I’m off to Cakewrecks.

With appetite sated I shall see if I can gulp down a hot cup of tea before the next wake-up call…

  • *those undecided about parenthood please note it is usually more fun than this, don’t let me dissuade you

~ by Little Red Hen on April 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Marooned!”

  1. Thank you muchly and kindly for your link..

    Can’t wait to catch up and see you all.

    • Thank YOU for the lunchtime read. I can’t believe ‘Tossers’ is still around. Oh Canberra.

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