She’s baaaaack!

Chubbso The Angry Possum a.k.a Mumma Chubbs is (figuratively) back in da house-with a new baby!

097Sorry for the awful photo. In the little while that this blog has been happening, the good camera has been on holidays, leaving us with an altogether less substantial option. But no matter-you can see here that our little friend has returned with her 3rd mini in 2 years. She is quite prolific, however her offspring are not blessed with longevity.

Our favourite, Baby Chubbs-who played loudly at midnight inside our fitted bedsheets on the washing line-met with a sad end after we had become very fond of her and her nightly visits. Then there was baby Ranger Chubbs, the possum with the dark red fur who lasted outside the pouch for all of two weeks. We think one of the local nocturnal hunters may be behind that mystery. (‘I call Mr Owl to the Conservatory with the Candlestick’-or more accurately-the big Tawny Frogmouth to the verandah with her large talons…)

We haven’t chosen a moniker for the newbie This seems to be the kiss of death for these possums so we may do them a favour and leave them anonymous from now on. It is nice to see Mumma Chubbs again though. Can’t say I feel the same about her galivanting along the full length of the verandah in the middle of the night. Oh well. Rock on Chubbso family!

prime suspect The culprit?


~ by Little Red Hen on March 31, 2009.

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