Wrong. So wrong.

This post is a bit shorter than usual because it makes me wince to think about this wastage.

I wanted to get back to making my own yoghurt-but not using the Easi-Yo powder that costs almost the same as buying it ready made. And not using ready-made shop-bought stuff as a starter culture as I find that this rapidly results in very thin, runny yoghurt (after only a couple of batches) and then necessitates buying more anyway so you don’t really get off the buying mouse-wheel for long. Nope, I bought some yoghurt culture from Greenliving Australia (more about them soon), enough to innoculate 80-100 litres of milk (and I usually make a litre of yoghurt at a time) and set about making some yoghurt with this.

My first tip for success is not to be a tight-arse like I was and get milk on special from your local stupor-market. They reduce it heavily a day or 3 before its’ use-by date is up, and if you are like us and get through milk quickly, the use-by thing is no problem. Except when they stick the big reduction sticker over the label so you can’t see exactly what brand of milk you are buying. No problem, right? You just need to know if it is skim or full cream or whatever, milk is generally milk so she’ll be right, eh? WRONG.

Did you know that you can now buy milk with added Omega 3 fatty acids? As in, milk with FISH OIL added to it? And that this makes the milk taste a bit odd and, well, fishy. And worst of all, if you use this milk unwittingly to make yoghurt then you get WEIRD SLIGHTLY FISHY-TASTING, STRANGELY GELATINOUS-YET-STRETCHY (because it also has freaking soy lecithin added to it as you later discover upon reading the ingredients of your milk-yes, INGREDIENTS of the milk, other than-well- milk) YOGHURT. And then you are wasting time, milk and yoghurt. And wasting milk is a completely shit thing to do because animals have to work to make it and as I am currently lactating myself I know that you don’t go wasting milk or tipping it down the sink-or in this case not tipping it anywhere because it has turned into a JELLY-LIKE BLOB and that is the end of my rant.  Goodnight! Blah.

**amusing side note-when I mentioned the existence of fish-milk to Mr Hen he conjured up the humourous mental image of farmers trying to attach milking machines to fish.

***no pictures of stretchy-jelly-fish-milk-yoghurt. It is the devil’s work and cannot be captured on film. Or digital memory cards.

Now let us never speak of this again.


~ by Little Red Hen on March 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Wrong. So wrong.”

  1. Ahhhhhhahahahahahhahahahahah that sounds so gross!!! I’ve seen it in the supermarket but never bought it cause anything with added fish oil makes me suspicious.

    • Your suspicion is well founded my friend. Blech. I fool so feelish…And I think that my acceptance of sale-priced dairy products may cast me in a somewhat bad light, no?

  2. hey. Think you are being hard on yourself. We fail so that we may learn, and I will only judge you harshly if you ever use Omega3, discounted or otherwise, fortified milk to make yoghurt (or anything else) again.

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