Wedding wardrobe

We have two weddings to attend in the next 4 weeks, and as usual I have realised at the last minute how soon they really are! At least this time I kind of have an excuse for being a little less than organised…019

I already have a  jacket ready for myself-made from a very interesting pattern that I downloaded from a site called Showstudio over a year and a half ago ago. Until recently it had been sitting unfinished as I felt too sick and unmotivated to finish it during my 8 months of morning sickness. I will post about it as soon as I have a photo to include. I am still undecided about what to wear it with, as the colour is a bit tricky, so I will have to decide that fairly quick smart and get a bottom half for myself into production! I need to visit my favourite fabric shop for some ideas, the staff there have never failed to provide me with a fabulous suggestion that I never would have thought of myself.

In the meantime I decided it might be fun to work out a rocking outfit for Little D to wear to the various nuptials. I spent a boring few hours looking around the local mall on a lovely sunny day when I should have been outside, only to find that reasonably priced, cool outfits for little girls that are NOT PINK are pretty thin on the ground. I am not sure why I was unwilling to just sew something for her from the outset, I guess I thought I didn’t have enough time to do it and didn’t know what to make. Well,  my mall mooching turned out to be quite motivating in the end, because I figured out that what I really wanted for her was just a simple little corduroy pinnafore in an interesting colour, to go with these great stockings I had found:

spotty tights for le bebe!

spotty tights for le bebe!

Once we got home I remembered that I had been given a large bag of patterns-including some for babies-when I was pregnant, and lo and behold I found this old Simplicity pattern (below)  in the pile.

I made the pink dress

I made the pink dress

So all I had to do was find a remnant of some most excellent grape-purple corduroy* from my fabric stash and I was away! It took hardly any time to cut out the dress and pin it together (just the pleats) and I whizzed it up the next morning while my tiny friend was having a snooze. It was so satisfying to make something in a short time without obsessing over details as I am prone to do when I make up my own patterns and use more expensive fabric. This was just a quick ‘get in and get out’ exercise, the fabric cost me nothing, and I am so pleased that my little chick will have something to wear that has been made just for her. And this has given me ideas to make more, I am looking forward to picking out some fun extras like trims that I wouldn’t normally use on my own clothes. Rick-rack, I’m looking at you…

I wasn’t sure about the size and it is tricky to measure someone who squirms constantly, even in her sleep. The other dayI read a post on Lower Your Presser Foot about some discrepancies in baby pattern sizings (early preparation for bizarro sizing differences we see in adult clothes?) so I figured I would just err on the larger side of things and add another pleat in the centre if it was too big-and then let it out next season when she is bigger and needs the room. Extended wear-yeah!

Next up I am going to try my hand at an envelope neck top in soft grey rib for her to wear underneath the pinny (me sewing stretch?More on that later too), and maybe some nappy cover pants in the same cord, as the pinny is quite short. I feel so great whenever I avoid the trap of buying something I don’t particularly like/want or can’t really afford just because I haven’t figured out another option. Woop woop woop!

only 7 tiny pieces and we're off

only 7 tiny pieces and we're off

*Why on earth do I have a remnant of grape corduroy in the first place? If I told you I’d have to kill you. Fear not, I am not about to bust out an adult garment in same.


~ by Little Red Hen on March 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wedding wardrobe”

  1. I like your blog little Red Hen. I was just telling my students about the Little Red Hen fable. Cutest clothes for little ones. E man will want a little suit sometime in the future…………… xxx

    • Well, I was wondering how the pinny would go turned into some overalls-maybe I need a cute little guinea pig, if he is volunteering? 😉

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